Influenced by her artistic upbringing, artist Jenny Marie Hviding Schjerven questions and challenges the world around her through geography, politics, and social practice. She is interested in moving beyond the gallery, breaking rules, and pushing the boundaries of what is expected of her as a woman and as an artist. With a background in dance and performance, her work melds experiments in various medias; installation, video, sound, text, painting, drawing, performance and action based movement.

After travelling and living abroad for eight years, doing different projects and social work with young and adults, working freelance as an artist and starting a Culture House in Barcelona; she finished her studies at Bilder Nordic School of Photography in Oslo in June of 2015 and her 2- year education in analog fine art photography at Oslo Photo Art School, June 2017. She is currently pursuing her BA in Fine Arts at The National Academy of the arts, Oslo, Khio; now doing an exchange at LHI, Reykjavik, Iceland. Graduating the BA Degree in Oslo, 2020, she will pursue an Master focusing on Photography.

On a daily basis she runs a video art gallery based in Oslo, Grünerløkka, called K4 Gallery, together with Adam Sindre Johnson and Bjørn Hatterud, while working freelance as an artist.